Professional Carpet Cleaning Machines (Free training course)

About Professional Carpet Cleaning Machines:

The most popular professional carpet cleaning machines are ‘portable extractors’. This type of machine is perfect if you want to clean carpets or upholstery to a professional standard in either domestic or commercial environments.

Portable extractors are made up of:

Water pump

The pump sprays the cleaning solution into the carpet. On professional carpet cleaning machines, the pump pressure is rated in psi (pounds per square inch). For professional results, look for a machine with at least a 130psi pump pressure.

Vacuum system

The vacuum system pulls the cleaning solution and dirt out of the carpet. The more powerful the vacuum system, the more efficiently you can clean, the faster the carpet will dry, and the longer hoses you can run from the machine. The standard vacuum system used on many professional carpet cleaning machines is 2 x 3-stage vacuum motors.

Water tanks

The solution tank is where the cleaning solution goes. The waste water is where the dirty waste water is collected. A solution tank around 50 litres is a good size and will allow you to clean large areas without having to stop and re-fill/empty the tanks very often. If you prefer a smaller machine, take a look at the Airflex Mini, which is much smaller than professional carpet cleaning machines normally are and has a 22 litre solution tank.

Water heaters

Although not essential, a water heater will help you to clean more efficiently, especially when cleaning greasy or heavily soiled carpets. There are two types of heater found in professional carpet cleaning machines:

1. Immersion heaters

An immersion heater heats up the carpet cleaning machine’s whole water tank, which takes a very long time – as long as an hour on some machines! So, you have to fill the tank up and then wait for the water in the tank to heat up before you can start cleaning with hot water.

2. In-line heaters

An inline heater heats the water as you clean, so you don’t have to wait for the water to heat up before you can start cleaning. You just turn the heater on and get hot water almost straight away. An inline heater is also better for the pump, as the water goes through the pump cold and then passes through the heater afterwards.

Don’t forget, you can just put hot water into the machine from the customer’s tap. You can always add a heater later. For more info on heaters click here

Entry level professional carpet cleaning machines:

For professional results, the minimum spec we recommend is at least 130psi water pump pressure and 2 x 3-stage vacuum motors. Expect to pay around £1500 to £2000 + VAT for entry level professional carpet cleaning machines. Check out the Airflex Pro or the Airflex Mini and select the 130 or 220psi pump options.

Mid-range machines:

Mid range professional carpet cleaning machines (400-800psi) clean carpets faster and with less effort. The 600 to 800psi machines can also be used to power-clean hard floors. Expect to pay around £2000 – £2500 + VAT for mid-range professional carpet cleaning machines. Check out the Airflex Pro with 400psi to 800psi pump option.

Top-of-the-range machines:

Top-of-the-range professional carpet cleaning machines (e.g. Airflex Storm), clean much faster, with faster drying and can also run long hoses direct from the van, with auto-fill, remote control and auto-empty available. Expect to pay around £2750 to £4500 + VAT for top-of-the-range portable carpet cleaning machines.

Free 1 day training course

There’s a free one day training course included with all our professional carpet cleaning machines over £1000.

Browse our range and you will find lots of info on our machines. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We also supply complete starter packages, which will give you a good idea of some of the other things you may need as well as the professional carpet cleaning machine itself. Contact us for more info.