Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Cleansmart is a one-stop-shop for professional carpet cleaning equipment, machines, training, on-going supplies and support. We manufacture Airflex machines, and supply everything you need to clean carpets to a professional standard. 

Carpet Cleaning Machines

See the highly rated Airflex range of professional carpet extractors. Free training course included with all machines over £1000 + VAT

Wands and Hand Tools

Professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and hard floor cleaning tools from the Westpak, Rotovac and Gekko ranges.

Hoses and Hose Connectors

Extremely robust, heavy duty, but flexible smooth bore vacuum hose. High pressure solutions hoses. Plus, all the connectors you’ll need.

Agitation Machines

CRB/Dry carpet cleaning machines from Carpet Cleaner Industries and Sebo, for improved results with less effort.

Dry Soil Extraction

The professional carpet cleaner’s favourite; the Sebo BS360 plus crevice, upholstery, stair attachments and spare bags.

Carpet & Fabric Driers

Improve customer convenience and drying times significantly by adding a couple of Dri-pods to your cleaning toolkit. 

Pump-up Spraying Equipment

Shop the Orion and Venus pump-up sprayers. Designed for professional cleaning use, with chemi-resist seals. Parts available also.

Carpet Cleaning Essentials

From spotting spatulas to furniture protectors to overshoes, we stock all the daily essentials carpet cleaning equipment you need.

Brushes and Foam Sponges

We stock a great range of brushes used by professional carpet and upholstery cleaners. Synthetic, Tampico and horse-hair brushes. 

Carpet Cleaning Training  Course

Shop the Orion and Venus pump-up sprayers. Designed for professional cleaning use, with chemi-resist seals. Parts available also.

Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Proven carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions you need to deal with every situation. Free delivery when you spend over £100 + VAT

Spare Parts for Carpet Cleaning Machines

We stock a large selection of parts for professional carpet cleaners. Next-working-day delivery when you order Mon-Fri before 1.30pm

What carpet cleaning equipment do you need to get professional results?

A professional spec extractor

You can’t get professional results without a professional spec carpet cleaning machine. But the good news is – you don’t need to spend thousands on top-spec carpet cleaning equipment to get professional results.

It is vital though, that you make a good choice when selecting a machine to suit both you and your business. Without prior knowledge of carpet cleaning, it’s easy to end up with a machine that looks the part, but doesn’t deliver the results you need. In fact, there are all sorts of potential issues you probably won’t have thought about, until after you’ve taken delivery and used the machine.

So, make sure you read our Machine Buyers Guide before you decide on which machine to go for: You’ll learn everything you will need to consider when choosing a portable extractor, the common pitfalls to avoid, and what other carpet cleaning equipment you may need to budget for, as well as the machine itself.

carpet cleaning equipment and carpet cleaning machines
The right length hose extensions

Without the right length of hoses, you’ll waste hours of your time and energy moving the machine around and taking it up and down stairs. This means emptying both tanks out, disconnecting all the hoses and cables, taking everything upstairs, and then setting it all up again. This is a massive waste of your time!

To clean efficiently, you’ll want to set up the machine, and then not have to move it again until you’ve finished the job. For domestic carpet cleaning, 75ft of hoses will cover most jobs. We normally recommend a 25ft hose set, plus a 50ft hose set, which can be used separately, or joined together to make up 75ft.

We supply all the vacuum and solution hoses you’ll need, so that you can make sure everything fits together, with the right connectors and hose accessories.

The right carpet wand

You’ll be spending a lot of time using your carpet cleaning wand, so make sure it’s a decent one. Professional carpet wands are normally stainless steel, with a 12 inch wide cleaning path. ‘S-bend’ wands are ergonomically shaped and comfortable for most users. We recommend a 2-jet s-bend wand for the vast majority of carpet cleaners. 

Smaller/cheaper 10” wands are available, but bear in mind that a 10” wand will be far slower. 10” wands are often supplied with machines that don’t have the power that you need to clean professionally, or to run hose extensions (without a big drop in performance).

Teflon glides are available for many professional spec wands. These attach to the wand and make it extremely easy to slide on the carpet. The suction can be so strong on some high powered machines that it takes a a lot of effort to just move the wand – a glide solves this and reduces effort and fatigue considerably.

The right hand tool

You’ll need at least one hand tool for cleaning carpet edges, stairs and upholstery. If you’re purchasing one hand tool, go for a general purpose tool like the Westpak 4” hand tool, which can be use for both carpet and upholstery cleaning.

If your budget allows, you could also consider a top-spec upholstery tool like the Rotovac Sheardry, which gives you faster drying, helps you avoid over-wetting, and also cleans more quickly than a standard hand tool.

A carpet drier

Fast drying times are a big selling point, and also reduce the risk of problems that can occur during the drying process. The faster the carpet dries, the better – for both the customer and the carpet cleaner.

An easy way to improve drying times is to invest in a carpet drier or two like the Dri-pod. Dri-pods push air out 360 degrees and keep the air moving over the carpet. Without this air movement, a damp layer of air sits on top of the carpet, which slows down evaporation and can lead to much longer drying times.

A hidden advantage to this handy piece of carpet cleaning equipment, is that it also helps to keep you cool, which is especially welcome when the weather’s hot!

Dri-pod carpet drier
A commercial vacuum cleaner

Dry soil extraction is an important part of the cleaning process. Around 80% of the dirt in a carpet is dry particulate soiling. This should be removed before you wet the carpet (once wet, dry soiling can either turn to mud, or cling to the carpet fibres, like wet sand clings to your feet on the beach, and be much more difficult to remove).

Most professional carpet cleaners use a commercial upright vacuum cleaner for this. Commerical machines not only look the part, but usually have two motors (one for the suction, one for the brush) and are built to last. The Sebo BS360 is pretty well known as the standard machine used by many professional carpet cleaners.

A CRB machine

A ‘CRB’ (contra-rotating brush) machine is used by professional carpet cleaners to agitate the pre-spray, before cleaning with the machine. This improves results, lifts the carpet pile, and can also reduce drying times (as less water is needed to clean the carpet after agitation).

Using a CRB machine can also reduce fatigue considerably, as the motorised brushes do much of the work for you. On some carpets, you can pre-spray, go over with the CRB machine, and the carpet already looks clean before you even start extracting!

CRB machines also double-up as dry carpet cleaning machines, which gives you another cleaning system option too. We think a CRB machine is an essential piece of carpet cleaning equipment for the professional carpet cleaner, bu if you can’t stretch to a CRB machine, you could start off with a pile brush and some elbow grease.

Most new carpet cleaners start with a Sebo Duo, which aren’t hugely expensive. The TM3 and Pro 35 machines are the best machines, but a very big jump up in price too. 

CRB Agitation machines carpet cleaning equipment
Chemi-resistant pump-up sprayer

You’ll need a decent pump-up sprayer, for applying pre-sprays, pre-treatments, and post-treatments like stain protector. Make sure you choose a sprayer that is designed for use with cleaning chemicals, otherwise it may not make it past your first job. A cheap sprayer from B&Q may seem like a bargain, but it almost certainly won’t be resistant to cleaning products.

The Orion 6L sprayer is well proven, reasonably priced and, unlike many sprayers, spare parts are also readily available. These sprayers should last for many years.


Many carpet cleaners don’t carry any spares, which can be a big mistake! If the trigger valve on your wand fails on a job, you may have to cancel work while you wait for a replacement.

As a minimum you should carry a spare trigger valve, water jet nozzles, jet caps and a screwdriver and adjustable spanner so that you can change these over. All trigger valves will eventually need replacing, and brass parts are also the most common things to fail if there’s a freeze, so be prepared and carry a few low cost spares just in case – you’ll need them at some point anyway, so why not be prepared.

We carry a large range of spares, and as a machine manufacturer, we always have Airflex parts ready to ship. If we don’t have the parts, we can’t build machines! We can also advise you on recommended spares to carry for specific machine models.

Everyday accessories kit

Professional carpet cleaners use various brushes and ‘bit and bobs’ on a daily basis, from furniture protectors, to spotting spatulas, to pH test paper and overshoes, we carry all the accessories you’ll need to clean carpets professionally.

All chemicals and accessories are available with next-working-day delivery, when you order before 1.30pm Monday to Friday.