The perfect sofa cleaning job?

Sofa cleaning after

A sofa clean, with great results, next to a pool, in the sun, on the beautiful island of Mauritius. Nice work! Sofa was cleaned using an Airflex Pro machine and Split-X pre-spray. Thanks for sending the photo Krishini, much appreciated! Before: After:

A celebrity visitor!

That’s former X-Factor winner Sam Bailey (yes, she wasn’t just on it, she won the whole thing!!). What a lovely person to meet, really friendly and down-to-earth, very happy for her to have won! Sam’s husband is setting up as a professional carpet cleaner and decided on our top-of-the-range Airflex Storm starter package (or one …

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How do I remove Lilly Pollen from a carpet?

To remove Lilly Pollen: If the pollen has not been disturbed/rubbed/walked-in, it is worth holding a vacuum cleaner hose just above the pollen (without making contact), which may remove any loose pollen before you start using any spotting products.. Lilly pollen consists of waxy particles that normally respond well to Eco-X spotter: Apply Eco-X spotter …

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