11 thoughts on “Video of Airflex Storm running 175ft hoses”

  1. How are you getting power? Do you use a generator or plug into mains.? Thanks

  2. I’ve had this machine now for six years and apart from the usual maintenance of the pump/head and i think only twice a vacuum motor replaced it has worked brilliantly. I have a second one for areas that 200ft won’t reach, but it seldom gets used. I debated with myself originally about getting the remote, but when you’re four floors up and all you need to do is lean out a window to turn it on/off it’s a no brainer; even my previous truckmount couldn’t do that! I have a newer video on youtube with 100ft and heater and working from a floor down if of any interest. https://youtu.be/jsqPH_4tkVU


    • Mmmm, the links work fine before I post them. I think the website security must prevent links in the comments? If you go to Tanks Direct the product codes are T210FNA8PL and T250FNA8PL

  3. With regards to the waste water, obviously the outlet is quite low so how do you get the water into an external waste water holding tank?

  4. Thanks for taking the time to comment Richard, glad to hear you’re still enjoying your machine!

  5. Can you offer any advice on how to run it truck mount? Whats needed, any particular adaptions etc please?

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