A celebrity visitor!

That’s former X-Factor winner Sam Bailey (yes, she wasn’t just on it, she won the whole thing!!). What a lovely person to meet, really friendly and down-to-earth, very happy for her to have won! Sam’s husband is setting up as a professional carpet cleaner and decided on our top-of-the-range Airflex Storm starter package (or one of Daddy’s Hoovers as my daughter puts it!).

Any other celebrities out there – you are all very welcome. Topping this weeks wish list are Jenna Coleman, Nick Cave, Catherine Ryan, Jimi Hendrix and David Mitchell (any one of you will do, you don’t have to all come together). If any of you are reading this and in the market for a new Hoover, do drop in.

Much better photo without me on it, the Storm machine looks well chuffed!