Airflex Pro Custom Spec

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  • Build your Airflex Pro custom spec below
  • Choice of water pumps (130 to 800psi)
  • Powerful 2 x 3-stage vacuum motors
  • Optional inline heater (built-in or external)
  • Choice of colours
  • Powers up to 100ft hose runs
  • Built-in auto-feed system
  • Tilt and roll system for easy loading/unloading
  • Easy access servicing
  • National network of service engineers
  • Includes Free Training Course
  • Finance available – click here for details
  • See full details below
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Product Description

Introducing the Airflex Pro Custom Spec:

Choose your Airflex Pro pump:

The entry-level Airflex Pro water pump is a 130psi Shurflo diaphragm pump.

Our mid-range 200- 400psi pumps are fully adjustable and will allow you to clean more quickly, with less effort and fewer wand passes.

Choose our top-of-the-range 600 or 800psi pumps for maximum durability, maximum water flow and if you want to be able to clean hard floors at high pressure using your Airflex extractor.

Airflex Pro pump options:

  • 130psi standard
  • 220psi fully adjustable
  • 400psi fully adjustable
  • 600psi fully adjustable
  • 800psi fully adjustable

Pump systems can easily be upgraded – you can start off with an entry level pump and upgrade to a more powerful pump later as and when required.

Choose your Airflex Pro vacuum system

Our standard vacuum system has 2 x powerful 3-stage vacuum motors. This is the standard twin vacuum system used on many professional carpet cleaning machines. It provides professional soil extraction, good drying times and can power hose runs up to a maximum of 100ft.

For faster soil extraction, faster drying and longer hose runs select our heavy duty vacuum system – this gives you the maximum possible vacuum performance available on a single power cord machine.

For ultimate vacuum performance see our dual power cord Airflex Turbo and Airflex Storm machines.

Vacuum system options (available in-series or in parallel)

  • 2 x 1200 watt 3-stage vac motors
  • 1 x High Vacuum 1400 watt 3-stage motor, 1 x 1200 watt 3-stage motor (117CFM, 17″ mercury lift)

Airflex Custom Made vacuum systems are available in either in-series or in parallel motor configurations. We recommend parallel for most users, unless you do a lot of flood restoration work.

Vacuum systems can easily be upgraded – start off with a standard twin vac and you can add on an Airflex Vac Booster Box later to boost vacuum perforamance by 160CFM.

Built-in and external Magma heater options available

The Airflex Magma heater gives you very hot water straight from stone cold water in the tank with no pre-heating or secondary heater needed.

Some inline heaters need help from a second immersion heater to give you hot water at the wand, but this means you need 2 x power cords just to heat the water (plus a 3rd power cord for the machine itself). You then have to wait for the immersion heater to heat the water in the tank of your machine before you get hot water at the wand. As you can imagine, it takes a very long time to heat a 55 litre tank up from stone cold.

The Magma inline heater needs only one power cord. You get virtually instant very hot water straight from cold water in the tank. There is no need for a second immersion heater (needing an additional power cord). There is no waiting around for water in your tank to heat up.

Just switch the heater on, add cold water to the tank, and you instantly have a constant supply of hot water at the wand for carpet cleaning at up to 350psi.

The Airflex Magma heater comes with fully adjustable temperature control as standard. So if you are cleaning a heat sensitive fibre simply turn the heat down.

The external Magma heater can be positioned either at the machine, or inline between solution hoses close to where you are working – this gives you the quickest and best heat.

The built-in Magma heater is also adjustable and recommended for operators who run shorter hoses.

Click here for more info on the Airflex Magma heater

Very hot water straight from stone cold water in the tank with no pre-heating or secondary heater needed


More reasons to choose an Airflex Pro Custom:

Upgradeable Design

If you are on a budget, you can start with an entry level Airflex Pro 130 and then easily upgrade later on, if and when you decide you need more power. With the Airflex Booster POD, you can easily upgrade the vacuum system to similar power as our top-of-the-range Airflex Storm machine.

Airflex Booster POD upgrades the Airflex Pro vacuum system to give you almost the same power as our top-of-the-range Airflex Storm

The Airflex Big Airflow System

During the development of Airflex, extensive specialist advice was taken both independently and from Lamb Ametek – the World’s leading manufacturer of vacuum motors.

As a result, from the 2” hose port to the 4” exhaust, every inch of the Airflex internal vacuum system has been assessed and optimised to improve vacuum performance.

The result is a highly efficient airflow optimised extractor that gives you the best possible performance from your Airflex vacuum system. Airflex machines can be used with either 1.5” hose for convenience, or 2” hose for maximum airflow.

Large water tanks

The Airflex Pro solution tank holds approx 55 litres, so you won’t have to keep stopping to empty and re-fill. Large tanks are all the more important now with the higher performance pump systems. The waste tank has a working capacity of approx 40 litres.

Easy van loading system

Loading and unloading Airflex is very easy. Just tilt Airflex back and roll into your van. There’s no need to lift the machine or install an expensive ramp in your van.

Easy to transport

83cm long x 43cm wide x 103cm high. Airflex is big enough to really impress your customers, but is easy to manoeuvre and lightweight compared to other machines in the same class. Airflex has huge 12″ ‘stair climbing’ rear wheels with built in shock absorbency and there’s a brake on the front caster (we think all extractors should have a brake but few do!).

Durable design

The polyethylene casing is extremely tough and won’t delaminate like fibreglass can. The Airflex machine design also helps protect protruding components like the pump regulator, solution outlet and dump gate from damage.

Top mounted controls

Pressure regulator, gauge, and all main control switches are safely situated where you want them for easy access.

Built-in power sprayer system

With Airflex you can use the power of the pump to pre-spray even large areas quickly and easily. There’s no need to go to the expense of a separate electric sprayer.

Built-in auto-feed system

With Airflex, you can hook directly into water tanks mounted in the van, reducing set-up times significantly. There’s no need to install a separate pump. Just drop the special hose into an external tank and you’re ready to go.

Easy low cost servicing and parts

Airflex machines are incredibly easy to look after. The motor housing is accessed in seconds. A vac motor can be changed in 10 minutes. The 200, 400, 600 and 800psi pump heads can be changed in as little as 7 minutes – a job that can take 1.5 hours on some machines! This means less downtime and lower servicing costs.

Because Airflex machines are manufactured in the UK, we always have large stockpiles of parts. When you need a part we will have it, which isn’t always the case with imported machines.

Local servicing network

Cleansmart utilises a National network of repair engineers. This means you can normally have your machine serviced locally, minimising both your downtime and servicing costs.



Optional auto-fill & auto-empty

Opt for our auto-fill system and you can hook your Airflex Custom Made up to the customer’s tap – no more filling buckets at the sink.

The Airflex Storm auto-empty system works alongside your remote control. Simply drop the auto-empty hose into a waste water tank or suitable drain (e.g. a toilet bowl). Now, whenever you want to empty the waste tank, simply activate the auto-empty system via your remote control. The waste tank automatically empties in less than a minute.

A brilliant way to empty your waste tank:

  • Adds practically zero weight to the machine
  • Draws zero electrical current
  • No pump-out pump to keep unblocking
  • No fine filters to keep unblocking
  • Very simple and very reliable

Airflex Storm’s auto-empty system saves you time and energy, while keeping all the dirty water and mess well away from your customer’s premises.

Optional Big Bore exhaust silencer

Attach the optional big bore exhaust silencer and reduce machine noise considerably. You can also use this to vent moist air away from the working area, which further improves drying times and indoor air quality. With the exhaust silencer attached, you can stand right next to Airflex Pro and talk without needing to shout – now you also have one of the quietest professional extractors on the market.

Configure your machine spec

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Finance available

carpet cleaning machines finance available
Finance available on this machine, click here for more info

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