Carpet Cleaning Training


Get professional results every time with Cleansmart Professional Carpet Cleaning Training

Cleansmart carpet cleaning training is insurance-approved and teaches you how to clean carpets and upholstery to a professional standard.

Each carpet cleaning training course includes:

  • Cleansmart Training Course Certificate
  • Course Reference Manual
  • Free on-going technical support
  • Use of ‘Cleansmart Trained Technician’ logo
  • Buffet lunch, coffee/tea served throughout the day

NCCA Accepted carpet cleaning training

If you attend both our carpet and upholstery cleaning courses, you can then take the optional NCCA Exam. Pass the NCCA exam and you get an NCCA training certificate and are then eligible to apply to join the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association).

‘Hands-on’ demos

As well as the theory you need to know, we also include a ‘hands on’ section on all Cleansmart courses. We encourage delegates to bring along a small rug or carpet off-cut etc. to clean on the day. There is plenty of opportunity to ‘have-a-go’ and try out the various different types of equipment if you want to – we don’t keep you sat behind a desk all day!

carpet cleaning training course instructor Derek Bolton

Our trainer Derek Bolton is former NCCA President and Technical Director and has over 40 years experience in the industry

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Why do you need carpet cleaning training?

1. Get better results

You need professional equipment to get first class results, but the person behind the equipment is even more important. There is no doubt that trained technicians get the best results.

Our carpet cleaning training courses teach you how to get the best out of your equipment and materials. There’s little more satisfying than removing the stain the last carpet cleaner couldn’t get out!

“Poorly trained, poorly equipped carpet cleaning companies come and go all the time.”

The best and most successful carpet cleaning companies thrive on repeat business and recommendations and usually charge the highest prices. It’s vital that you know how to do the best possible job – and this only comes from proper carpet cleaning training.

2. Avoid costly problems

Carpet cleaning isn’t rocket science, but there are lots of things that can go wrong if you don’t know what to look for.

Hire machines are designed for consumer use – the more powerful machines and solutions used by professional carpet cleaners get better results, but can also cause damage in the wrong hands.

Much worse than a damaged carpet is the damage to your reputation that goes with it. By attending a carpet cleaning training course, common problems like shrinkage, dye migration, stretching, cellulosic browning etc. can easily be avoided.

3. Helps you sell your services

Unfortunately there have always been ‘cowboys’ operating within the carpet cleaning industry – poorly trained, poorly equipped operators with a trail of unhappy customers. You will hear stories from customers of damaged carpets and carpets that took days to dry out all the time!

It is important that you demonstrate to potential customers that you operate professionally and have attended a recognised carpet cleaning training course. The ‘Cleansmart Trained Technician’ certificate and logo say a lot to your potential customers.

4. Gives you the confidence to succeed

Carpet cleaning training gives you the confidence you need to sell your services. For example, you will learn how to perform an in-depth pre-clean survey during the course.

This survey is necessary in identifying the carpet/fibres/construction/cleaning method etc. However, it is also very effective way of demonstrating your technical knowledge – it shows customers that you know what you’re doing. And when the operator from the next company turns up and doesn’t bother – who do you think gets the job?

5. Helps with your insurance

As a professional carpet cleaner you need two types of insurance – Public Liability and All Treatment Risk insurance.

Public liability insurance is readily available but does not cover the items you are cleaning.

All Treatment Risk covers any items you are cleaning and is available from a much smaller number of insurers – these insurers will generally expect you to have attended a carpet cleaning training course in order to provide the All Treatments Risk insurance you will need.

Carpet and upholstery course info & dates:

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