Do I need a CRB/Agitation Machine?

What’s a CRB machine?

Designed as dry carpet cleaning machines, CRB (contra-rotating brush) machines are widely used by professional carpet cleaners as agitation machines.

After dry vacuuming, the ‘pre-spray’ cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet, then agitated either with a pile brush, or for better results – with a CRB agitation machine:

Benefits of using a CRB machine

  • Better cleaning results
  • Faster extraction
  • Fewer passes needed with the extraction machine, which results in a drier carpet
  • More gentle cleaning solution can be used
  • Lifts and restores the carpet pile
  • Takes much of the physical effort away
  • Doubles up as a dry carpet cleaning system for dry clean-only carpets

We recommend:

If you are on a very tight budget, you can start off with a pile brush and add an agitation machine later.

A Sebo Duo is the most popular choice. The Duo’s not that expensive and much, much better than a pile brush!

The Pro 35 is the best machine, much faster, lifts the pile better, different brushes are available for different types of carpet, can be used for hard floors too.

Thinking about starting a new carpet cleaning service?

Here’s how we can help:

  • Get trained up on one of our professional carpet & upholstery cleaning training courses
  • We can help you spec a professional carpet cleaning machine to match your budget and business needs
  • We can help you put together a complete start-up equipment package
  • We can provide top notch on-going support and supplies as your business grows

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