What’s the best way to clean an Axminster?

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I have this Axminster carpet to clean, what’s the best way of cleaning it?



Just check that it is in fact an Axminster carpet…

  1. Carry out a burn test on the face fibres.
  2. Check the backing carefully to see what fibres are there.

If you follow the above two points you should be able to identify whether it is an Axminster carpet or a Belgian Wilton.

If, after the burn test, it turns out to be an Axminster carpet then a straight forward clean should do the trick.

2 thoughts on “What’s the best way to clean an Axminster?”

  1. I have 2-3 smallish black stains on my beige Axminster (yes it is an Axminster) & I would like to know how to remove them please

  2. As Derek says,first check it’s an Axminster (if you don’t know how to do this book yourself onto a training course asap!). Assuming it is an Axminster, check the colours are fast and clean as normal. Be extra careful not to over-wet as Axminsters are prone to shrinkage if over-wet. Also be careful of any very worn areas – on old Axminsters you may find heavily work areas where there’s not a lot of carpet left. Worn areas aside Axminsters often clean really well and are a pleasure to work on. Old Axminsters can have quite a strong ‘wet dog’ odour when drying, so I’d add deodoriser also. Good luck with it!


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