Vac motor info

A) 1 x 3-stage 5.7″ vacuum motor

  • Top quality Lamb Ametek/Electro 3-stage vacuum motor
  • 25ft max recommended hose length
  • Designed to last 500 machine hours

B) 2 x 1200 watt 5.7″ 3-stage vac motors

  • Dual Lamb Ametek/Electro 3-stage vacuum motors
  • 75ft-100ft maximum recommended hose length
  • Faster drying times than 1 x 3-stage motor
  • Better soil extraction than 1 x 3-stage motor
  • If one vac motor fails, you can still complete job using the other
  • Designed to last 500 machine hours

C) 1 x 8.4″ vac motor

  • Larger 8.4″ diameter Lamb Ametek high efficiency motor
  • Roughly the same power at the above 2 x 1200 watt 3-stage motors
  • 75ft-100ft maximum hose length
  • Designed to last 1500 hours

D) 2 x 6.6″ vac motors

  • Top-of-the range vac motor system
  • Almost double the vac power of above systems B & C
  • Faster cleaning – move the wand up to 4 times faster
  • Fastest drying times
  • 175ft-200ft hose runs
  • Designed to last 1500 machine hours
1200 watt 3-stage vac motor. You will find these motors in many professional carpet cleaning machines
6.6 vac motor - carpet cleaning machines with two of these motors can run 200ft of hoses!