Professional Upholstery Cleaning Machines


Professional upholstery cleaning machines

The upholstery cleaning machines on this page are intended for operators who want a professional upholstery cleaning solution, and don’t want to use the machine for cleaning carpets.

If you want to clean carpets as well as upholstery, then check out our professional carpet cleaning machines, which have more than enough power to clean upholstery as well as carpets.

Miniflex 130 upholstery cleaning machine bundle

The Miniflex 130 bundle includes 13opsi extractor with 3-stage vac motor system. This is paired with an internal spray transparent upholstery tool and hoses. This tool eliminates overspray and allows the operator to see the soil extraction. With a transparent tool you can see when the soil has been extracted and it can be useful to show this to customers too.

Miniflex 220 upholstery cleaning machine bundle with Rotovac Sheardry

The Miniflex 220 bundle includes 220psi extractor paired with the Rotovac Sheardry Upholstery tool.

The Sheardry is much easier to use than a standard upholstery tool, gives you much faster drying and helps prevent over-wetting. The Sheadry is also faster than a standard upholstery tool as it cleans in both directions. The Sheardry tool works best with a little more psi, which is why we’ve paired it with the 220psi Miniflex.

Many upholstery cleaning related problems are due to over-wetting, or prolongued drying times. The Sheardry helps the operator avoid potential issues, as it helps prevent over-wetting and fabrics dry much faster.

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