Pump info

What size water pump do you need?

The pump sprays cleaning solution into the carpet. On professional machines, the pump pressure is normally rated in psi (pounds per square inch).

130psi pump

For professional results, we recommend that you need a machine with minimum 130psi pump pressure. The 130psi pump will give you professional results:

  • Entry level professional pump
  • Delivers professional results
  • Fixed pressure
  • Lightweight

220psi pump

The 220psi pump will allow you to clean a little more quickly. This pump is adjustable, so you can adjust the pressure down when cleaning upholstery.

  • Cleans a little faster than the 130psi pump
  • Adjustable – so pressure can be turned down for upholstery cleaning
  • Longer lasting
  • Lightweight

300psi pump

  • This is the biggest pump you can have in an Airflex Mini machine
  • Pumptec plunger type pump
  • Fully adjustable with pressure gauge
  • It is not possible to have this pump with in-built heater in the Mini machine (due to space inside the motor housing)

400psi pump

400psi is the maximum pressure we’d recommend for carpet cleaning. This pump will allow you to clean most efficiently and move the wand a lot faster on wet passes.

  • Maximum efficiency cleaning
  • Move the wand faster with fewer wand passes needed
  • Less operator effort needed
  • Fully adjustable with pressure gauge

600psi/800psi pump

With the larger 600-800psi pumps, you can power-clean hard floors as well as cleaning carpets. The 600 and 800psi pumps are also the most durable pumps and handle longer hose runs better.

  • Best, most durable pumps
  • Can be used to power clean hard floors as well as carpets
  • Maximum efficiency carpet cleaning
  • Best pumps if you want to run long hoses
  • Fully adjustable with pressure gauge
Shurflo 130psi pump
130psi pump (fixed pressure)
220psi pump
300psi pump
Carpet cleaning machines with an 800psi pump can also be used for high pressure hard floor cleaning
800psi Pumptec pump