Congratulations and well done – you have now reached the end of the course!

You should now have all the info you need to start safely clean carpets to a professional standard.

From mid August, we will begin running a weekly live Zoom Question and Answer session for course delegates. Around the same time, we also plan to add a private forum for course delegates, where you will be able to ask questions, upload photos of anything you come across that you’re not sure about, and hopefully share some photos of the results you’re getting.

We’ll let you know whenever we add more content on to the course also, and when the final exam is ready – pass the exam and you can then use the NEW Cleansmart Approved Technician logo if you want to.

These next videos are optional – for those of you who want info on machines specs, and what hoses, accessories and hand tools you might need.

You can skip these ones if you don’t need this info – there are no quizzes or exam related info on these videos.