Airflex Pro Heater Options

Built-in heater:

  • Magma heater built-into the motor housing of the machine
  • Best if you plan to use shorter hoses – 25ft to 50ft
  • Virtually instant heat – doesn’t heat the water tank, heats the water as you use it
  • Adjustable heat
  • Adds approx 5kg to the machine’s weight
  • Only available certain models

Magma inline heater

  • Magma external inline heater
  • Virtually instant very hot water straight from stone cold water in the tank
  • Adjustable heat
  • Can be used on long hose runs (position inline towards end of hose run so you are not losing heat as the water travels down the hose)
  • Keeps weight off the machine
  • Used with all Airflex machines and most machine brands
  • Can be serviced separately to the machine – while you carry on using the machine

We recommend:

–  the Magma external heater, unless you particularly prefer a built-in heater and only run short hoses.