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Airflex Customer Reviews:


Safeclean Franchise Review

As one of UK’s most successful carpet cleaning franchises we have to consider the equipment our franchisees use very carefully. We selected the Airflex Turbo machine in 2009 after a long period of field testing. Since then, our franchisees have found the Airflex to be a reliable, powerful, efficient and professional machine.

After reviewing various options we recently selected the Airflex Storm machine as Safeclean’s new machine of choice. The Airflex Storm is even more powerful, significantly lighter in weight and offers various time-saving benefits like auto-empty and remote control. In our view the Airflex Storm offers many of the benefits of a truck mount system but in a mobile capacity, which is a good fit with our business model. The 800psi pump enables our franchisees to widen the range of services that they offer, thereby increasing their turnover and profit.

We have a good working relationship with Cleansmart, who have always quickly responded to any support issues in a professional manner.

Steve Calvert
Franchise Operations Manager

Steve Parkin Airflex Turbo Review:

Dear Matt,

Just wanted to let you know how we are going on with the Airflex machine we purchased from you.

I have been in the cleaning business for over 21 years so have used many machines over the years. When replacing our machine we looked at many options from several different manufacturers including truckmounted machinery, we chose the Airflex because of the build quality and the high performance. We felt this was the most flexible and powerful choice of machine available and would suit our overall needs more than others we looked at. Also the great service we have had from you and Sarah previously was a factor in our choice.

We are absolutely delighted with the overall performance of the machine, we have noticed a great difference in the vacuum power compared to our previous machines especially when using 2”pipe and large bore wand. The drying times have improved greatly and on the job times have lowered. I am also glad I went for the option of the 800psi pump as it gives me enough pressure for hard floor cleaning when required. The magma heater is a great option too and delivers heat perfectly when we need it. Can I also tell you that many of our clients have commented on the professional look of the machine.

Again thank you for the Service and help you have given to us, we would recommend your company and your Airflex range of equipment to anyone.

Steve Parkin
S.P.carpet and upholstery care

Nigel Woodhead Airflex Turbo Review

I have had my Airflex Turbo for over 2 years now and I think it is worth writing to you to let you know what the Airflex experience has been like.

I have been in the carpet cleaning business for 25 years and during that time I have purchased and used a lot of portable cleaning machines. I am happy to tell you that in my view the Airflex Turbo not only produces outstanding performance but it is an extremely well made machine which is very easy to maintain. It is also a very impressive looking machine that is always commented on by clients when they see it. It has been thoroughly reliable for me but I am always relaxed knowing what an excellent reputation for service your company has.

I can see that you have put a huge amount of effort into the design of the machine. I love the fact that it is a machine designed and made in Britain. Well done Matt and team.

Nigel Woodhead
Design Care Services

Neil Pratt Airflex Turbo Review

“I bought one of the first Airflex Turbo machines in 2009 and am now looking to upgrade to an Airflex Storm. The big thing for me is that the Airflex design is really well thought out, rather than just trying to cram everything into an old fashioned existing machine casing. The build quality is much better than on similar machines I’ve owned before. It’s also much quicker to access the motor housing, making maintenance  much easier.

People say it doesn’t matter what your machine looks like, but I disagree. Customers are obviously very impressed by this machine and I believe that they assume I’m going to do a good job because it just looks so professional. I have been cleaning carpets now for 12 years and have had my Airflex Turbo for 2.5 years. It’s the best machine I’ve owned, which is why I shall be adding an Airflex Storm very soon.

Neil Pratt
Neils Cleaning Services

Richard Foster Airflex Turbo Review

I have been using the Airflex Turbo for over 1130 hours since 2009 and am happy to say that it’s the best machine I have used in my 12 or 13 years in the industry. It’s reliable, easy to use, very powerful and dries carpets very quickly.

Richard Foster
Yvonnes Cleaning

Tony Nigro Airflex Pro 200 Review

I have owned an Airflex Pro 200 machine since September 2009. It’s a very well designed and constructed machine with all the power I need and dead easy to load in and out the van with the loading system. I’ve run this machine now for 1382 hours and have been very pleased with the reliability. It’s a very good looking machine – customers are really impressed when they see it, much more so than with previous machines I’ve had. This is the best machine I have owned in the 15 years I have been cleaning carpets. I am planning to upgrade to the Airflex Storm machine at some point later this year.

Tony Nigro
DirtMaster – Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Edinburgh

Simon Denman Airflex Turbo/Storm Review:

We’ve always been very happy with our AirFlex Turbo triple vac (purchased October 2009) so were hesitant about moving on to the Storm (Oct 2011), but I have to say we are glad we made the switch.

The remote and auto empty has been a real time saver and as standard the Storm stays on our van. If we have take it off due to access issues it can stay outside the customer’s property. When using the remote we can control the vacs and pump and once switched off the recovery tank empties in under a minute. It has a large waste outlet so no issues with debris fowling the mechanism and so no returning to the machine to switch off or empty when pre-spraying or moving furniture, a real bonus which saves unnecessary machine hours.

As standard we use 2” hoses at a norm of 50ft but regularly go up to 100ft and are still impressed with the machine’s performance. A few other features we like: The drop in solution pump hose for auxiliary tank use, whether for rinsing, pre-spraying or even cleaning the waste tank. The larger stronger front castors with the break and the bigger rear wheels make moving it easy, we have even got it up a couple of flights of stairs quite easily when leaving the machine outside has not been practical.

The recovery tank design with its channel to make sure it completely empties and all the controls mounted at the top on the front so no bending down, and when van mounted they are within easy reach.

Because the Storm features on our website we often get enquiries from other carpet cleaning companies and we are happy to recommend the machine and Cleansmart’s first class service and chemicals.

Finally we have found flushing the pump with fresh water and running the vac motors with the recovery tank lid removed for a few minutes at the end of the day a real benefit to longevity, and consider it should be done on every machine.

The Storm represents our company well with its more modern well thought out design, robust construction and easy maintenance, in our 20 years in the industry this is the best machine we have used.

Simon Denman
Arena Clean

Andy Locke Airflex Storm Review

I’m very happy with my Airflex Storm, which is the most powerful portable machine I’ve had in the past 17 years. Build quality is superb, it’s reliable, solid and a very nice looking machine too. Since I’ve had this machine I’ve had more customers phone to thank me for the ‘wonderful job’ I’ve done than I’ve ever had before. Drying times are very fast. I mainly use the machine working direct from the van like a truck mount. The remote control and auto empty features are real time savers and I use them all the time. They make a big difference. I’m very happy to recommend this machine.

Andy Locke
Melling Carpet Care

Bill Liddle Airflex Pro 350 Review

I’ve been cleaning carpets for 30 odd years and have owned various machines in that time. I have the Airflex Pro 350 and it’s an excllent machine all round, good value for money, can’t argue with it. Excellent power, reliable, excellent build quality, no problems loading into van. Good heat from the heater. Perfect!”

Bill Liddle
Liddle Services

Mike Roper Airflex Turbo Review

Having cleaned carpets professionally for 22 years, I consider the Airflex Turbo to be a very well designed and powerful machine. It’s a definite step up from the machines I have used before. Build quality is excellent, drying times are very fast, the water tanks are nice and big and it’s very easy to maintain. It’s a very professional and impressive looking machine too – in fact I get lots comments from customers about it. The back up service from Cleansmart has always been excellent.

Mike Roper
M Roper Carpet Care Specialists

James Roffey Airflex Turbo Review

I have had my Airflex Turbo machine for over two years now and am very happy with it, it’s simply the most powerful portable machine I have ever had.

It’s an excellent machine that has been very reliable. I have replaced just one vacuum and even changing that was easy because the vacs are so easily accessible.

I never take my machine into a customer’s house and run 100ft hose off it without any problem, it makes life a lot easier leaving it outside.

I also use the Magma inline heater on really filthy carpets and that just blasts them with steam which can be very useful. The Magma inline heater is very hot. Even at 300 psi it’s too hot to touch the quick connects. It’s hot with cold in the tank and scolding with warm. I recently removed chewing gum with the steam it produced.

The service from the Cleansmart team is second to none, with the Airflex and Cleansmart to back me up, my business runs smoothly and profitably. I am looking into getting the Airflex Storm soon and using my Turbo as a backup machine.

James Roffey
Roffey Cleaning

Malcolm Dark Airflex Turbo Review
(Malcom has over 30 years experience in the industry and has in the past designed and built an electric truckmount machine and an electric hose reel)

Hi Matt

We purchased the Airfex Turbo in mid 2010 and the magma heater.The innovative design… from the casing to the easy access maintenance has been so well thought out. At long last a machine built from ground up with operator and maintenance engineer firmly in mind, all the usual pitfalls of portable extractors has been firmly addressed.

Used as a van mount with an electric hose reel alongside, 33 mtrs x 2″ + 15 feet x 1 1/2 inch whip and an in line debris filter the set-up is a joy to use.

The machine has worked quite hard over the past 18 months and has never failed once! this has to be a first. On a shorter domestic run or the full 175 foot tried on a hotel contract the Turbo has performed admirably. Leaving carpets clean and dry to the touch, the operator is relaxed and sometimes in disbelief.

Customers too, are suitably impressed when they look at the combo running from the side of the vehicle.

The Turbo has really proved itself and “DOES WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN!”

Malcolm Dark
ACS Specialist Cleaning

Michael and Mary-Jane Haulton Airflex Pro 600 Review

We’ve had the Airflex Pro 600 for two and a half years and have been very impressed. The features we really like are;

a) It’s easy to get in and out of the van and manoeuvre into the property.
b) It is a clean, professional looking machine, and gets many comments from customers.
c) It is a powerful machine, providing more than enough pressure (up to 600psi) and strong vacuums leaving the carpet nearly dry on completion.
d) The build quality is second to none, we’ve had no faults at all since owning it. Which is more than can be said for any previous machine.
e) As you can take the hose out of the clean tank and put it in a separate container it allows us to use the pump to supply a pre spray lance which produces a more efficient and consistant spray. A big bonus on larger carpets.
f) It’s easy and quick to empty.
g) The customer service that we get from Matt at Cleansmart has been brilliant. He’s always been very happy to help and offer advice, particularly useful when we started up the business five years ago.
h) We’ve just had our machine serviced by Cleansmart, the process was easy and very efficient.

All in all a very good machine from a very good company. I would definitely recommend them.

Michael and Mary-Jane
Red Carpet Cleaning

John Dawson Airflex Storm Review

I have been professionally cleaning carpets for over 25 years. The recent purchase of the Airflex Storm has been a welcome addition to the company. The new superior 6.6” Lamb Ametek vac motors make a huge difference; I am able to achieve faster drying times and phenomenal cleaning power due to flexibility of the high powered pump.

It also saves me time as I often don’t even need to unload the machine; I can simply run the hoses from the van and operate the machine using the remote control. Customers are impressed with the low noise levels from the machine being run away from their house and are very impressed by the machine when they see it. This machine is the Rolls Royce of carpet cleaners.

John Dawson
Jade Contractors


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